December 20, 2006

News & Opinion: Stephen King's "2006: My Top 10 Books"

By: Jack @ 7:22 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Seeing as we at 8cr are in list frenzy mode, here is another Best of 2006. As Stephen King states in his column
Here are the best ones I read in 2006and as always, please keep in mind that doesnt mean they were published in 2006. This is just my list of the ones that best furnished my interior room this past year.
1> The Road by Cormac McCarthy 2> American Pastoral by Philip Roth 3> One Mississippi by Mark Childress 4> The Night Gardener by George Pelecanos 5> The Ruins by Scott Smith 6> Crooked River Burning by Mark Winegaardner 7> The Peoples Act of Love by James Meek 8> Night Mowing by Chard deNiord 9> The Egyptologist by Arthur Philips 10>Dispatch by Bentley Little This list is courtesy of December 15, 2006 Entertainment Weekly. I accept the fact that these arent business books but "a person cant live on bread alone." BTW, two of the ten made my list.