April 21, 2004

News & Opinion: Surprisingly good read

By: Jack @ 9:51 PM – Filed under: Current Events & Public Affairs

As, God forbid, we all age--some of us, like yours truly, are REALLY aged--we need to consider retirement. Couple of weeks ago I got a call from Howard Stone and he was pitching a book that he had self published in '02. The mainstream publisher Plume has picked up the paperback to be published in May 2004 called Too Young To Retire. He wanted me to look at it. After spending an afternoon reading the book I must say I am seriously impressed with Marika and his stories and how they present the concept that in fact we don't need to retire. We can continue to grow and prosper into our dotage. I am not a fan of self help/personal finance kind of books but this book surprised me with the insights it supplied. Check out their site 2 Young 2 Retire