December 5, 2008

News & Opinion: The 2008 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards - HR & Organizational Development

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The books on our 2008 shortlist for the HR & Organizational Development Category are:
  • Reward Systems: Does Yours Measure Up?
    by Steve Kerr (Harvard Business Press, December 2008)

    Business Press is doing business book fans everywhere a great service by publishing the Memo to the CEO series, a set of easily accessible and well-researched books from experts on leadership issues. In Reward Systems, Steve Kerr points out the problems with most reward (or incentive) programs, distilling years of experience to present a three-step process for creating a simple yet effective rewards system that will improve both performance and motivation in your workplace.

  • Change the Way You Lead Change: Leadership Strategies that Really Work
    by David M. Herold & Donald B. Fedor (Stanford Business Books, June2008)

    Change has been the buzzword of the year, but only a few books have addressed change management in truly innovative and constructive ways. In Change the Way You Lead Change, Herold and Fedor examine flaws in change initiatives and take the results of their extensive research to advocate a more philosophical, holistic approach to change, starting with the leader's responsibility in understanding the context in which he or she is leading.

  • Divide or Conquer: How Great Teams Turn Conflict Into Strength
    by Diana McLain Smith (Portfolio, June 2008)

    Teams have the power to make or break our work lives, depending on the strength of our relationships and our ability to deal with conflict. In Divide or Conquer, Diana McLain Smith encourages leaders to address internal issues and concerns--the questions, the doubts--that put our working relationships to the test. By addressing these first, the approach team members take to working together will be less defensive and will create opportunities for stronger outcomes.

  • Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It: No Schedules, No Meetings, No Joke--the Simple Change That Can Make Your Job Terrific
    by Cali Ressler & Jody Thompson (Portfolio, May 2008)

    The "Results-Only Work Environment" promoted by these authors might be a bit too revolutionary for most managers, but Why Work Sucks addresses a fundamental shift in people's attitudes toward the traditional workday. By its shifting focus from attendance to results, Best Buy sets the example for the ideal work environment: one that affords employees flexibility, autonomy and empowerment.