November 1, 2016

News & Opinion: The 2016 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards Longlist

By: Ryan Schleicher @ 9:10 AM – Filed under: The Company

There is no getting around the incredible amount of work this time of year brings to 800-CEO-READ. Not only are we in peak publishing season, it is also our awards season—and we do all of the reading, reflection, arguing, and overall judging ourselves—together. This year was even more arduous, because we made it a point to get a greater number of books, from a wider array of publishers, imprints, and authors, than ever before. And we succeeded in that. Submissions were up 52 percent over last year. Our General Manager, Sally Haldorson, explains why that was an important goal for us, and what that effort has yielded:


We set big goals for this year's awards, reorienting our categories to allow for a greater variety of publishers which in turn made room for a wider range of topics and a more diverse collection of voices. Greater diversity leads to broader representation, and because we believe that books remain the most effective purveyors of ideas that can impact both businesses and workers for the better, we are pleased to present this varied and exciting list of the year's best books, each one of them capable of changing minds and cultures alike.


Our Editorial Director, Dylan Schleicher, added that:


While speed, innovation, big data, and disruption are the business buzzwords of the day, the best books of 2016 argue for a more considered and considerate, human-centered, inclusive, and deliberately constructive approach to business. Change is in the air and technology is on the rise, but business is still a human pursuit, and should be humane. In a media climate dominated by Twitterstorms and sound bites, it is important to dive deeper into the issues and inform ourselves more fully before taking action. These books help do that.


And that is why we feel the work we put into the awards this time of year is so important, and so worth it. The conversations that swirl around the office, the number of books and ideas that are passed around make the place intoxicating. It's like we're running a sprint and a marathon at the same time, and while we're always intellectually exhausted at the end of it all, we're also excited to tell the world about what we've found, and figure out how we can implement those ideas here at 800-CEO-READ.

Thanks to all the publishers, authors, editors, publicists, designers, and everyone else in publishing that makes what we do possible, and this time of year so exhilarating. 











We'll announce the winners of each of these categories, which make up the shortlist for the overall book of the year, on December 6th.   

We will announce the Business Book of the Year, and the winner of the 3nd Annual Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry, on January 12th in New York City.

You can stay tuned here for both of those announcements. 




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