November 14, 2008

News & Opinion: The 8cr Annual Author Pow Wow

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Authors, future authors, consultants, and speakers take note:
There are only a couple of spaces remaining for the 8cr Author Pow Wow, held on December 9th and 10th in Chicago at the amazing Catalyst Ranch.
This year, we'll focus on the topic:
How Is a Good Idea Communicated?
Good ideas are usually plentiful for business authors and consultants. The challenge is communicating those ideas in effective and appropriate ways in a variety of situations. Those situations can be the critical difference between taking the next step, or not. Now, more than ever, this information needs to be clearly understood, so for this year's Pow Wow, we're bringing in these experts to share their wealth of experience:
Adrian Zackheim (publisher at Portfolio):
How is a good idea communicated to a publisher?
Barbara Cave Henricks (president of Cave Henricks Communications):
How is a good idea communicated to the media?
Erin Brown (publicity director at Harvard Business Publishing):
How is a good idea communicated to the media?
Nick Morgan (president of Public Words):
How is a good idea communicated to an audience?
Joy Stauber (president of Stauber Design Studio):
How is a good idea communicated visually?
Jose Castillo (president of ThinkJose):
How is a good idea communicated using new media?
Deb Lewis (Manager of Business-to-Business Sales, Penguin):
How is a good idea sold?
Lucas Conley (author of OBD, contributing writer for Fast Company Magazine):
How is a good idea communicated to the media?
Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten (president and vice president, 800ceoread):
How is a good idea communicated as a book?
Whether you've written a book and are looking forward to the next, want to do more speaking and consulting, or are completely new to the game and want to get an incredible head start, the information you will walk away with will be invaluable, and the experience of engaging in this conversation with each other is priceless.
Here's evidence from last year's Pow Wow.
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