February 22, 2005

News & Opinion: The 8th Habit Buzz

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:58 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

I realized the other day that we haven't talked much about Stephen Covey's latest work. I had a post the week the book launched, but we haven't done much since.

I opened my ears and let Technorati go to work. Here is what bloggers have been saying about The 8th Habit:

That Dwayne - Finding Your Voice

"This book is all about anchoring your actions and decisions to your values and passion, and about providing encouragement and opportunity to others to give them a chance to make Meaningful contributions. Easier than it sounds, of course, but a very inspiring concept."

aaron21 - The 8th Habit

"The problem that Covey identifies in the first part of the book is that we are working in an Information Age, where the ideas that people contribute to organizations are the true assets in this new global economy. However, most organizations still operate in an Industrial Age mindset. In doing so, Knowledge Workers are often micro-managed, "carrot-and-sticked" and dehumanized. Leaders aren't often in the actual position of leadership, and managers with operational control don't always lead the people they're responsible for. So how do organizations survive and thrive in a marketplace that values, no less demands innovative ideas? They need to model and grow the values that invite collaboration."

Reba's Blog - The 8th Habit

" Went roaming thru Stephen Covey's new book, The Eighth Habit, at B&N today. It's not on my purchase list, but I may venture into it in more depth, using the cool new hold'em for pick up option at the SAPL site.

What I did see in the, well - I hate to use the word "tome" here, but it was somewhat weighty. Okay, maybe just heavy. I digress. What I did see that I want to learn more about was an obvious focus upon the absence of trust within our current business culture, as well as a pervasive "what's in it for me" -itis. This, coupled with a lack of what Covey calls "spiritual intelligence." Wow. You think????..."