February 10, 2005

News & Opinion: The blogosphere, according to the right

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The blogosphere, according to the right
Hugh Hewitts skewed thesis on the 21st Century Information Reformation
By Shayne Bowman
2004 was the year of the blog. Merriam-Webster added the word blog to its official lexicon. Blogs made the cover of Time for Rathergate and were nearly named the magazines People of the Year. Bloggers covered the presidential conventions of both major parites; and impacted the outcome of the presidential campaign in numerous ways through grass-roots reporting, fact-checking the media, providing analysis and perspective on issues, as well as fundraising, social networking and advocacy for candidates.
Its no surprise that 2004 was also the year that weblogs began to significantly enter the awareness of the mass media consumer, achieving a collective readership of 32 million U.S. citizens.
A new book by nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World, aims to convince todays leaders (in business, government, church, media, etc.) to pay attention to and engage an emerging new media power the blogosphere.