June 22, 2006

News & Opinion: The e-book generation is next

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 12:17 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Allen Weiss believes e-books will never hit the mainstream audience -- or at least not for a long time. And while there are a number of "e-vangelists" for the e-book, there is an equal number of critics.
With the Sony reader due out late this summer, I'm sure we'll know sooner or later. The "early adopters" will no doubt try it out. And some hint that the next generation of readers will be e-readers. I think there will be a future for both types of books. I'm not about to take a digital reader to the beach while I'd prefer not to fill my suitcase with books. In my ideal world (and yes, ideal is key here), I'd prefer to have all three outputs (audio, e-book and traditional books) interchangeable. Wouldn't it be great if you could read your e-book with your morning coffee and then pop in the book's CD in your car on the way to work with it starting at exactly the same point? Then taking the paperback out before bed?
Okay, again ideal. I am, however, interested in the ability to search books digitally. That'd be a great resource function that's not always easily available.
Where do you fall: would you pick up an e-book or do you prefer the traditional paper and ink?