December 2, 2010

News & Opinion: The Economist's Books of the Year

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 11:17 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The Economist is surely one of the best, if not the best, weekly publications running. Oddly, though, considering its title, it put only three books in the economics & business category of this year's "page turners"—while there are ten in politics & current affairs and eight in history. I guess that's not too odd, considering this is coming from a magazine that calls itself a newspaper, a newspaper that almost never carries a byline on its articles and essays. But, while The Economist refuses to be boxed in by norms, they sure do know a good book when they read one. The economics & business titles chosen were:

I haven't read More Money Than God yet (incidentally, written by "a British journalist who is married to [their] economics editor," a courageous choice there from the editors), but The Big Short and High Financier were two of my favorites of 2010. Also, four of the books in their science & technology category could fit loosely into business. They are:

You can get The Economist's entire list of page turners from the original post, where you'll find brief descriptions of each book.

You can also find a list of Books by Economist writers in 2010 at the site. They do seem to put out a lot of books over there, possibly because their writers want to put their names on something. (I kid, I kid... I love you The Economist.)

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