August 17, 2004

News & Opinion: THE EIGHT TRAITS of People Who Turn Random Chance into Runaway Success

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:14 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

What is it about some people that make them successful? Are they born under a lucky star? Do they get all the breaks? NO! To a one, they are people who see the opportunity, perceive a possibility and parlay it into something positive, which has a measure of success. They dont just see opportunity, they seize it. They are observers who pay attention: to issues, problems, perplexing situations, and to people. Whether their moment of serendipity turned into a job or business, or two tickets to the Olympics or even the opera, they are OPEN! Because of that, they create their own luck.
In studying their stories, they reveal that they have two types of traits.
The Usual Suspects
When studying the stories that changed careers, jobs or businesses, there is a track of traits I call the USUAL SUSPECTS, which are discussed in most business books. These are the qualities and characteristics generally ascribed to those who are successful. Theyre what youd expect the given traits to be. When it came to business and careers, the You Never Know It Alls dont just work smart, they work hard instead of hardly work! They have good attitudes. Some days its one thats realistic, other days, its simply positive, but whichever it is, their attitude is a good, healthy one that embraces possibility. In addition, they have a vision that is bolstered by great follow-through.
The UNusual Suspects:
What most business books and courses dont identify are the unique traits exhibited by people who have seized the serendipity, co-opted the coincidence, and captured the karma. They are the Unusual Suspects of traits that set them apart from the crowd. They are counterintuitive behaviors, actions and attitudes that go against the prescribed norm. Interesting enough, these traits are also the outgrowth of solid, savvy networking skills.
The people who had the You Never Know! experience exhibited different combinations of these Eight Traits.
  • Trait One: They talk to strangers.
  • Trait Two: They make small talk.
  • Trait Three: They drop names.
  • Trait Four: They eavesdrop and listen.
  • Trait Five: They ask for/offer help.
  • Trait Six: They stray from their chosen paths.
  • Trait Seven: They exit graciously without burning bridges
  • Trait Eight: They say YES when they want to say NO.

The You Never Know It Alls dont conform to the Keep it to yourself, play your cards close to your chest school. They are people who are open and that openness is the lynchpin of their so-called luck.
First and foremost, the people featured in this book talk to people they dont know.