June 6, 2005

News & Opinion: The Gold Mine

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:39 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

One of the great publishing stories of the past 20 years belongs to The Goal, a business novel written in the early 1980s by Eliyahu Goldratt, a successful entrepreneur who shared his knowledge in a story. Three million copies later, the book is legend. I walked through the halls of a leading executive search firm last year and every person pointed to the book and said oh Ive read that. This week marks the publication of The Gold Mine, a new book godfathered by Jim Womack and Dan Jones, the authors of Lean Thinking and The Machine that Changed the World. (Please note: I served as editor on this project. So Im biased. And I really want to hear what folks think about a book I really like.) This business novel aims to teach lean principles, a core set of ideas that has driven much of the quality work at companies around the world in the past 30 years. The authors are a French father-and-son team with years of experience in the field. What follows is an interview with these two. Please, gentle readers: post comments not just about your take on this book, but your thoughts on The Goal. Has it helped you? Do you recommend it to others? Given the length of the interview, please click below for more.