June 24, 2004

News & Opinion: The Great Communicator

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:34 PM – Filed under: Big Ideas & New Perspectives

The recent media coverage of Ronald Reagan's death, memorial services and ongoing public tributes were fascinating. Especially, the stories that highlighted Reagan's extraordinary communication skills. Even his detractors acknowledged that Reagan was accurately labeled, the "Great Communicator."
At times, Reagan's message and its delivery might have been simplistic, but it wasn't misunderstood. He sought clarity. He avoided confusion.
And that got me wondering...
Have you ever asked a decision-maker:
Do you understand?

How'd they respond?
You bet! Absolutely! No problem. You betcha! Yep, that's easy!

Guess what? They may have had no idea what the heck you said!
Customers, clients and prospects have egos too. And, they like to protect them. The last thing they want to do, is to look stupid. Especially in front of you.
Therefore, to protect their self-esteem and save face, they'll often boldly proclaim their understanding, even if you have inadvertently guided them into the land of confusion! (And confusion and misunderstanding are major obstacles to making a sale and business success.)
So here's a far better question to ask:
Have I explained this well?

This question is a powerhouse. It cleverly shifts the burden from your customer, client or you. And that's where it belongs...on your shoulders, not theirs.
Now even if you ask,
Have I explained this well?

and the response is No! that's not a problem. Because you can politely say something like,
Oops, my fault! Let me explain better this time, how it'll help you.

This strategy is a winner! Have I explained it well?
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