March 10, 2010

News & Opinion: The Linchpin Voltron

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 12:53 AM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Books can do a lot for us: inspire, teach, jolt, enlighten. They can be a call to action, but they can't actually make us act. You have to find the gumption to do that on your own. Or do you?

Seth Godin's Linchpin is certainly a call to action. His last book, Tribes: Why We Need You to Lead Us, showed the high regards he holds his readers in. With Linchpin, he reveals what high expectations he has of them... indeed, that he thinks they can and should be (or become) indispensable. In fact, I'd say Linchpin is more than a call to action; it's a challenge. It's a challenge to break the factory mold of productivity we were educated in and become an artist in whatever we do. And it's a challenge you don't have to meet alone. The good Mr. Godin is offering a Linchpin 5 Pack Bonus.

What is the bonus, you ask? I'll tell you.

Seth has just developed "The Linchpin Group Discussion Guide" and is offering it free to groups who order five copies of the book. (The PDF will be sent by email to arrive before your books do.) I like to think of it as the Linchpin Voltron, as five individuals forming some larger force—maybe not to defend the universe as the original Voltron did, but to do work indispensable to the world (or at least your corner of it). So order the Linchpin 5 Pack Bonus, gather your team together and do something with those ideas and the excitement the ideas generate.