June 14, 2005

News & Opinion: The Musts of Resale Value

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The Wall Street Journal has published a book called Guide to The Business of Life. I think it is an interesting compilation of things that have been in the paper. I am going to published the Table of Content in the extended section so you can get a flavor for what is offered.

Here is a piece from Chapter 7 - The Great Game: Buying, Financing, and Keeping A Car In Shape:

The Musts of Resale Value

The time to consider a car's resale value is when you buy it. Dealers will tell you that some features that you may pay extra for up front are worth it when it comes time to trade in or sell. The big ones:

Bigger engines are usually better. Go for the six cylinder, not the four-banger.
Silver is a classic color. So are black and white.
Power is good. In these days when people are accustomed to powered appliances, make sure your car has power locks operated with a remote, keyless entry; power windows and cruise control. Power seats aren't a bad idea either.
Tinny FM radios won't do. Go for the CD player (or on newers models, MP3 players).
Spring for cowhide. Buyers love the smell of leather interiors, and they hold up better than cloth.
Shiny is best. Alloy wheels are popular; they help keep your car looking sharp.