September 23, 2004

News & Opinion: The Road Not Taken

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:35 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

'You Never Know it Alls' are the heroes of How To Create Your Own Luck. The "You Never Know" Approach to our personal and professional lives means that we see opportunities and are open to possibilities.
Sometimes that means we move from our chosen paths and pursue the fork in the road. Gail Feinstein was a teacher of the hearing impaired when she knew she needed a change. Through contacts and leads, she entered the travel industry and enjoyed her work. Once she moved to another part of the area, she found that her skills as an educator and as a travel manager were also suited to the world of property management.
Gail allowed herself to step from her path chosen as a young teen into two different worlds that gave her new experiences. But something called to her from deep within... she missed being an educator and making a difference in peoples ' lives while truly giving them the gift of learning.
She combined her newly developed business skills with her superior skills as an educator and started a tutoring business with children and adults. Gail created her own success by "listening" to the voice in her stomach and combining all of her skills and her commitment to teach. And she still works in the property management area when school is out! You Never Know! It Alls are open to where the path will lead... and it could be a circular path that leads you back to your original passion... but in a different, but more satisfying form.