September 13, 2012

News & Opinion: The Ultimate Book

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:03 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Thinking of writing a business book? Or, have you already written one, had it published, and were surprised (positively or negatively) with the results? Disillusioned or enchanted with your eBook? The publishing industry is an ever-evolving, constantly changing beast, equally filled with challenges and pitfalls as it is with growth, personal achievement, and monetary success. So, how does one best navigate the labyrinth? What's the best way to achieve your goals via publishing? How do you create your ultimate book? We'll be hosting our 7th Annual Author PowWow from January 13-15, 2013 in Austin, TX. Hosted by 800-CEO-READ, sponsored by Cave Henricks Communications, Shelton Interactive, and Greenleaf Book Group. All registrations before October 1 receive a discount. Details at the links above and below. This year's theme is The Ultimate Book, and we'll talk not only about the ins and outs of the industry, best practices, and forward strategies, but attendees will also work on their idea - which is the core to the whole effort, and can greatly influence long-term success for anyone that wants to change the world. Here's the overview: THE FOUNDATION A discussion on developing good ideas Featuruing Erika Andersen (author of Leading So People Will Follow), John Moore (author of Tribal Knowledge, owner of Brand Autopsy), and Ray Bard (Bard Press) THE BUILD A presentation and discussion on storytelling, writing, design, and speaking Featuring Nancy Duarte (author of Resonate) and Victoria Labalme. THE PURSUIT A discussion of publishing Featuring Will Weisser (Portfolio), Clint Greenleaf (Greenleaf Book Group) and more tba. THE PUSH A discussion and presentation on sales, marketing, and social media Featuring Tom Wilson (Wiley), Barbara Cave Henricks (Cave Henricks Communications), Rusty Shelton (Shelton Interactive), and Spike Jones (co-author of Brains on Fire). And, a very Special Guest live webcast, featuring one of the most popular authors and thinkers of today, answering attendee questions for 60 minutes.  This will be good. Also, copies of Erika Andersen's, Nancy Duarte's and the Special Guest's latest books will be given to all attendees. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. It's often said of events that 'seating is limited,' but we intentionally keep this group on the small side to facilitate conversation, quality, listening, and connectivity. So, don't hesitate. We'd love to see you there.