November 21, 2006

News & Opinion: The Wal-Mart Effect

By: Jack @ 6:01 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Sometimes it is good to wait. In my years of doing this, I have always thought publishers went to a paperback book too soon after the hardcover and the paperback book seldom came with any value added feature.
When Charles Fishmans publisher decided to publish one of my favorite books from this yearThe Wal-Mart Effectas a paperback, I thought they were making the same mistake. Here is my review of the hardcover from earlier. They must have heard my misgivings because Fishman has added a twenty page afterword to the paperback. It is a recap of what has gone on at Wal-Mart since the hardcover was published, which by the way, is a lot.
This is a book that really put this phenomenon that is Wal-Mart into an amazingly well written perspective. If you didn't get the hardcover, now is your chance to pick up the "New and Improved Paperback."
Oh yeah, the book is available the end of December.