August 30, 2005

News & Opinion: Then We Set His Hair on Fire

By: Jack @ 1:58 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

Phil Dusenberry, former Chairman, BBDO North America has written a book called Then We Set His Hair on Fire. I am reading it and loving it. Here is an example of why I like the book:

America is a big nation, so big in fact that it is not just one enormous economic market. It is a collection of many different economies. In order to visualize and understand these various economies, we often resort to branding them, giving names that collect all the chaotic forces fighting for recognition into one intelligible grab bag."

"As for me, an advertising professional, I have my own economy to worry about. Lets call it the Parity Economya world where all products and services are perceived as equal, with differences so miniscule that they do not dent the average consumers consciousness. I have spent every day of my waking life thinking about the parity economy and what I can do to help my clients escape its pernicious clutches. It even infects my dreams, I worry about parity not only when Im awake but in my sleep.

Isnt that what we all are trying to do? Trying to differentiate!!!