January 17, 2005

News & Opinion: This Week - 1/17/05

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:34 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Happy Monday to everyone! It is a cold one here in Milwaukee with the high being forecast at 1degF.

You can start this morning with a new excerpt we start from Contagious Success. I'll remember Susan Annunzio was here last week for an author visit.

We have eluded to it, but we are currently underway with a redesign of the 800-CEO-READ websites. Better searching. Blog content integrated with the product pages. A new look. Along with the new look, we are going to redesign our logo. We hope to share some of that process with you this week.

As we have been talking the new logo, the story of the 800-CEO-READ name came up. After hearing it, I told Jack he had to share it with everyone. You'll see that story today.

We also have Michael McLaughlin joining us on Thursday to talk about his book Guerilla Marketing for Consultants. He is going to talk about how "the book" playing into your overall strategy.

Tom Ehrenfeld should be chiming in this week.

So, lots going on.

Have a great week!