May 30, 2006

News & Opinion: This Week (and Last) - 5/30/06

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 3:01 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

For those of you in the U.S. not taking the rest of Memorial Day week off, we will have some new stuff for you. I first need to catch on some things we put up at the end of last week.

There was a new issue of ChangeThis published on Thursday. I really like this issue. We have added some editorial horsepower on our end and I think you will start seeing some great stuff. I would encourage you to check out all of this month's manifestos:
  • Killer Instinct by Joe Finder - Best selling thriller novelist, Joseph Finder, introduces us to a dynamic (though fictional) sales expert, Jason Steadman, to illustrate key techniques for selling with killer instinct.
  • Crafter's Manifesto by Ulla-Maaria Mutanen - Ulla-Maaria Mutanen explores the increasing popularity of crafting in this celebratory call-to-arms to everyone who enjoys getting their hands dirty once in awhile.
  • Management Advice: Which 90% Is Crap by Bob Sutton - The way business advice is sold today makes it difficult to cull the good from the bad. With refreshing candidness, Bob Sutton shows how to divine diamonds from dust with these guidelines.
  • The Eyeball Artisian by Chris Ballard - Sports Illustrated columnist Chris Ballard offers an inspiring story of an unusual man who loves an unusual job. This excerpt from Ballard's book, The Butterfly Hunter, is certain to ignite your search to find your true calling.
  • Owner's Guide to Difficulties by Peter Albert - When you feel the tension building in that space between your shoulder blades, or you lay in bed at night unable to stop that film replaying all the days stresses, use Peter Albert's techniques for handling all life's difficulties.
  • The Rewritten Rules of Management by Tom Ehrenfeld - In this hard-charging manifesto, Tom Ehrenfeld directs our attention to Bill Swanson's act of plagiarism and asserts that by letting Swanson get by with a slap on the wrist is like letting the Enron folks off with a small fine and a few hours of community service.

I also quietly posted an interview with Bill Welter, author of The Prepared Mind of A Leader. This was the last piece of the Prepared Mind World Tour. It is a great summary for those who have been reading along and those who want a slice of what the book is about.

We'll have more to talk about in this short week. Stay Tuned...

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