August 19, 2010

News & Opinion: Time Flies But Service Improves

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:13 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

About four years ago, I contacted Todd Sattersten from my previous employer and talked to him about some ideas using multimedia for 800-CEO-READ. That discussion lead to creating some unique products for authors - combining books and video to make some limited edition items. It was a great collaboration.

From there, I came in to help create a series of videos about 800-CEO-READ: who was involved, what the company did, and what was so great about it all. Eventually, I was to learn firsthand, as I began working directly with the company.

The other day, Dylan handed me a DVD of all those video files. We both agreed that something needed to be done with these, so I've posted some of them on the "Why You'll Love Us" page. Even though they're four years old, the sentiments expressed are the same, perhaps even more so. We've survived a lot since then, both positive and negative, and because of that these words mean even more to us now.