December 23, 2005

News & Opinion: Todd's Best of 2005

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:28 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

It has been an incredible year. I know it sounds like a big echo here on the blog, but we are so happy and want to thank everyone who has help make this year such a success. Like the awards shows, there are too many names to list. We went to thank all of the individual customers, publishers, authors, agents, public relations folks, speakers bureaus, distributors, corporations, and universities that have been a part of everything we have accomplished this year.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

You'll find my many best of's below:

Best Things That Have Happened:

1. The arrival of my second son

2. Joining 800-CEO-READ full-time. I love my job and hope the fun we are having is showing through.

3. More Space

4. Bringing Kate onboard

Tied 5. Changethis and inBubbleWrap

Best Books I Have Seen:

I still stand by my two Must Reads - A Whole New Mind and Then We Set His Hair on Fire...

I really enjoyed Rules of the Red Rubber Ball and Radical Careering because they took the normal black & white of business books and gave us a great message in Technicolor.

Two books I missed from prior years - Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices and The Republic of Tea (out of print); both are brilliant - take the time and go read them.

Best Blog Posts We Have Done:

What's In A Name? (1/17/05)
Design Thinking Books (2/28/05)
The Last Personal Finance Book You'll Need (3/23/05)
Moving Pictures for Business People (3/24/05)
A Whole New Summary (of A Whole New Mind) (3/25/05)
Democratizing Innovation: This Book Needs More Love (5/25/05)
800-CEO-READ and ChangeThis (5/26/05)
Reading The Future (6/8/05)
Unwritten Rules of Management B2.0 article (6/23/05) and where to get it (11/04/05)
Examples from Abroad (7/18/05)
Tom's Make Your Own Magazine Karma (10/4/05)
100 Day Projects (10/5/05)
Kevin Caroll's Play List (10/27/05)
Paul Brown's Tribute to Peter Drucker (11/16/05)
Great Ideas Interview with Simon Wilder (12/1/05)

Best Excerpts We Have Run:

Just go read one - The Battle The Soul of Capitalism by John Bogle

Best Audio We Have Recorded:

It would be a tie between the interview with Kevin Carroll and The Church of The Customer Remix.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We'll see you next year!