June 5, 2009

News & Opinion: Twitter Quotes From May

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 2:49 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Here are some of the nuggets we have been retweeting over the past month: @asimburney - Is it that hard to write business books without American sport metaphors?? what the hell is a yardline? come to think of it what's a yard??? "One of the BEST business books ever is "The Little Engine That Could." according to @successtool @outdoor_girly - Theory: successful people read best selling business books, wildly successful read random books (philosophy), normal people just don't read @kbarnesrtp Just finished Death by Meeting by Lencioni. Highly recommend esp. if you like biz books in story format (e.g., The Goal). @mktgdouchebag Start With No is the greatest book written about successful negotiations. I read it twice; most biz books bore me. @benjonjeffery Business books you disagree with are just as good as the inspirational ones because they reveal what you think. (Amen.) @alanmwebber First Rule of Holes: when in one, stop digging. Second Rule of Holes: know where you should be digging. #rulesofthumb @meganauman why must business books always be published in hardcover first? i hate hardcover @AppointmentPlus There are certain books you should read at least once a year. On the top of the list: E-Myth Revisited.

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