May 19, 2004

News & Opinion: Wall Street Journal

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:58 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I love the Wall Street Journal. What I think makes it successful and wonderful is that fact that there is something in it for the everyone. If you subscribe to the print edition of Wall Street Journal, you would have seen two interesting stories side-by-side on D10 yesterday. The first was "The Necessary Etiquette of Book Signings". The article talks about how many rules there for book signings with blockbuster authors. In a newspaper ad for a Donald Trump signing, it said, "will sign up to four books per person, at least one of which must be 'Trump: How to Get Rich'. No personalization or memorabilia, please." Next to that article was Daniel Akst's review [sub. needed] of Fire Your Boss by Stephen Pollan and Mark Levine. If you are familiar with their other books like Die Broke, they take a contrarian view to many topics. Pollan and Levine contend the best job is the best paying job and "The best route to emotional satisfaction is to stop looking for it at work." If somone else has read it, I would love to post another review.