October 10, 2006

News & Opinion: We're Being Fooled

By: Sally Haldorson @ 3:15 PM – Filed under: Big Ideas & New Perspectives

I get very angry when I read books that claim to be about not cold calling or about referrals (and Im not going to refer you to them), when they actually are talking about cold calling and networking.

Networking is about connecting with people. Period. We can network one-on-one or in groups. Its obviously important to network to build relationships which then could turn into referrals, but networking is not the same as referral selling. If you want to learn how to network, check out Susan RoAnes books. She is the countrys expert on networking and a phenomenal speaker!

Check out opportunities to network in your city. Metropolitan Chambers of Commerce have excellent events. Check out Here are some womens groups that are excellent:, and

There is no way to make cold calling more effective.. Here is my definition of a cold call: Calling someone who does not know you and is not expecting your call. Thats it. A call is either Cold or Hot. There really is no such thing as a warm call. A Hot call is when we have an introduction, and that is the only kind of call I make. When you have an introduction, you are pre-sold, your competition fades or disappears, and you already have credibility. Your sales cycle is shortened and now you have the time to ask for and receive even more referrals!

Check out Tom Snyders article Prospecting: What Winners Doand Losers Dont and read the first paragraph.


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