February 22, 2006

News & Opinion: Weather reports by different personalities

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 4:08 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The East Coast recently experienced a blizzard that was reported on widely. Here is an example of a weather report at written from a Structural point of view. Note the careful attention to details (inches of snow, number of cancelled flights, cost of cleanup, etc.).
Here is an example of a weather report at written from a Social point of view. Note the attention to the human interest of the storm (stranded travelers, cancelled schools, happy children sledding, etc.).
The moral of the story is that we all have innate preferences that influence everything we do. Both of these reporters provided fair and balanced articles about the blizzard, but they were influenced by their preferences. Recognize your own attributes, and know that it is always easier to go with your innate strengths. Understanding them is the key to better performance.

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