July 15, 2008

News & Opinion: Webinar with Dan Heath, author of Made to Stick

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:47 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

One of our favorite authors, Dan Heath, is leading a web seminar through The Center for Great Management.
Click here to learn more about the seminar and to sign up if you're interested.
Here's the description of the event:
Virtual Seminar Overview
In this era of ever-tougher competition, your company's greatest asset is its managers. Why? They've got stellar ideas for new strategies that will leave rivals scrambling; for innovative products that will wow customers; and for fresh ways of doing business that will attract top talent, slash costs, and burnish your bottom line.
But even the best idea won't make a difference if a manager can't "sell" it--can't get people to embrace it, remember it, and act on it.
Let bestselling author and communication thought leader Dan Heath show your managers how to make their ideas "stick" for maximum business impact. Dan reveals the six principles that distinguish ideas that thrive from those that die:
  • Simplicity-strip the idea to its core, without turning it into a silly sound bite

  • Unexpectedness-capture and hold people's attention

  • Concreteness-help people remember the idea

  • Credibility-get people to believe your idea

  • Emotion-persuade people to care about your idea

  • Stories-get people to act on your idea new solutions

For each principle, Dan provides a wealth of examples of how real people have made great ideas sticky--in endeavors as diverse as business, entertainment, public health, and education.
Don't let your managers miss this opportunity to capture critical insights for crafting--and communicating--high-impact ideas.

Each participant receives a copy of the book Made to Stick, an executive summary of the book, and a comprehensive study guide.