May 21, 2007

News & Opinion: Welcome to this week's Carnival of the Capitalist

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Welcome! This week we're hosting Carnival of the Capitalist.
If this is your first time visiting, here's our shameless self-promotion. We are in the business of moving ideas. We've been in the bookselling business for the past 23 years. You're here today because business books are our specialty. Two of our family idea movers are the provocative ChangeThis and quirky inBubbleWrap. Again, welcome; we're glad to have you!
Now, on to the carnival:
On People:
Are employees seen as parts rather than people?
John explains why his brother stopped wearing a watch.
Paid vacation is a perk for working and not legally required in the US (making the US the only
developed country that does not guarantee its workers paid vacation or holidays).
John Wesley invites us to be experts.
Here are seven tips on resolving conflict in the workplace.
On Marketing:
Chris gives a few ideas on how to make your site more helpful for customers.
Matt suggests a replacement for the 4Ps of marketing basics; his suggestion: the 4Cs -- Create, Connect, Change, Cancel.
Rob brings up the story of SteakHouse owner Jeff Ruby refusing service to OJ Simpson. He then asks if businesses can be selective with their customers?
On the subject of money:
Learn how the worldwide demand for Whirlpool and Mastercard is helping to balance the US GDP.
On May 10th, Nasdaq plummeted to -1731; Trader's Narrative points out that a similar day happened in late 2006 only to be followed by a better Nasdaq. It begs the question...does May 10th foreshadow a good future for Nasdaq?
The Digerati Life summarizes what's involved in the different types of start-up funding.
When you're done with that, head over to Business Fund to learn about how to give the VC/Angel pitch.
There's a question of insider trading in the medical arena -- what consititutes as insider training vs. necessary information for doing the job right?
The e-commerce business may change if eBay and Amazon sellers are required to pay taxes.
If you're self-employed, here are some ways to avoid being audited.
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