January 20, 2005

News & Opinion: What

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Well, everything. To say that the pace of business is fast is like saying Michael Jordan can play basketball. In our got to have it now world, I sometimes find it challenging to tap my own creative abilities and those of my colleagues. Often, the pressure of the moment just overtakes you. Here are five books Ive used to train myself to hatch creative ideas no matter what constraints I was working under. Yoram Wind, Colin Crook: The Power of Impossible Thinking Barry Nalebuf, Ian Ayres: Why Not? Jordan Ayan: AHA! Michael Michalko: Cracking Creativity Julia Cameron: The Artists Way When I had an opportunity to ask Jordan Ayan, the creativity whiz, what he did when he faced a tough problem that had no apparent answer, he said, I take a showerI have my best ideas in the shower. Matter of fact, I had a second water heater installed in my house so I could take longer showers.