August 18, 2009

News & Opinion: What Arrived In My Mailbox Today

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:46 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

I just received The Essential Bennis in the mail and the book is incredible. The collection displays the breadth and depth of Warren Bennis' work. Just to give you a flavor here is one of the closing paragraphs from an essay titled "Winning and Losing," where Bennis explains why business as sport is a poor metaphor.
"The best-run and most successful companies in America do not think in terms of victories and defeats, shining moments or last-minute saves. They do note count on regulations or referees. Instead, they think in terms of staying power, dedication to quality, and an endless effort to do better than they have done. They see change as their only constant and count on their own ability to adapt to the world, rather than expecting the world to adapt to them. Indeed, it is a business's ability to adapt to an ever-changing world that is the basis for both its success and progress."
More soon.