November 3, 2005

News & Opinion: What Bill and Warren Are Reading

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:52 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Buddies Bill Gates and Warren Buffet held a big Q&A event at the University of Nebraska in late September. They did a similar thing in 1997 at University of Washington. Fortune was there with them and interviewed the two afterwards. The first question was "[What is the] best book you've read lately?" And their answers were...

BUFFET: Katherine Graham's Personal History is sensational. I think everybody ought to read that.

GATES: There's one called The Bottomless Well, about energy, that I love. There's one about computer science, Ray Kurzweil's book--I have a preprint, so I'm not sure when it's coming out-- called Singularity Is Near, about artificial intelligence. The Tom Friedman book [The World is Flat] is supergood. Jeffery Sachs wrote a book called The End of Poverty, the Jack Welch book Winning came out this year, and don't forget [Jared Diamond's] Collapse, which is a follow-on to one of the best books of all time [Guns, Germs, and Steel].