June 7, 2005

News & Opinion: What Is Your Life's Work Webinar (FREE!)

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 8:37 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Curt at The Occupational Adventure pointed out that Bill Jensen, author of What Is Your Life's Work? will be doing a free webinar tomorrow at 12PM ET.

Here are the details:

What Is Your Life’s Work?
FREE Webinar
Beginning: 12pm ET (9am PT, US & Canada)

A Starter Kit: Experience the ultimate approach to work and life decisions:
Answer the big question of What Really Matters
Sign up now!

Imagine having one of the most profound conversations in your life: “This is what I stood for, believed in, struggled with, and accomplished. This is my life’s work, and what I want to be remembered for.” Wow! Wouldn’t it be great to experience such intense clarity!
. . . . . .
Now you can. In this FREE webinar, Bill will expose the raw truths we’ve all experienced, the personal frailties and mistakes we’d like to hide, as well as the proudest achievements we’d like to celebrate.

What would you tell your kids or grandkids or closest friends about
what really matters at work?

If they asked:

> How do I know I’m making a difference?
> What’s the real reason I’m here?
> How much is too much?

How would you answer?

. . . . . .

Bill will share with you what others just like you figured out:

> How to find and leverage the five distinct discoveries you will make about your life’s work
> How to deal with the daily grind and still pursue your dreams
> How to view and address the specific challenges and work-life issues faced by women, Boomers, and new graduates

…As well as sharing with you the coaching he’s provided to help
people figure things out for themselves.


It is funny because we really didn't coordinate running the reviews and this webinar. I will post another review today to get you a better flavor for the book. If you like what you have heard, you may want to check it out.

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