May 26, 2006

News & Opinion: What The Book Will Do For You

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:41 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

My book is called Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action. Heres the deal about this book: its about reality. How to get the customer thing (you know, the public proclamation to focus on customers, followed by mass confusion on what to do) done beyond the lip service, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and big kickoffs. Its about how to push the customer rock up the hill by turning the focus on the obvious: customer experience and customer profits. Its about how to figure out how big that hill is. And its about how to keep that rock from falling on your head . . . as little as possible. Its about figuring out if youve got the leadership chops to take this effort on, and its about navigating the corporate machine to figure out how and where to best leverage this effort from.

What This Book Will Do for You

Executives and CEOs:
Use this book as a platform to evaluate your organization and your personal role in driving the customer agenda. You may be wondering why you just cant get traction on customer management and customer profitability even though youve named it as a corporate priority. Through this books evaluations and outline of the issues, you can understand why the impasse exists. There is information to assist you in determining if the answer is a single position or a whole host of conditions, attitudes, and actions that must change in your organization. Hiring or appointing a chief customer officer will require a personal commitment by you. This book will outline what yo u need to be ready and willing to step up to doing before you put a name on that organization chart.

To the new and existing chief of the customer effort:
This is your comprehensive handbook packed with ideas on how to get this vital work accomplished. The tools, approaches, stories, and empathy contained in it will arm you with a place to start and a methodology for how to proceed in the first month, the first year, and those that go beyond when things really start to take hold. Youll get ideas for how to manage across the silos, where to weave in accountability, and how to engage the commitment of top leaders in the journey. Most important, it will provide ideas on how to break the work into segments so you can advance the organization down a specific path of improvement.

Senior leadership and functional leaders:
You may be trying to crack the nut on how to deliver a comprehensive customer experience. You may be at the point where its obvious that all of the factions youre trying to bring together to get that project done have different agendas. Or perhaps youre the service vice president with vast amounts of customer information that could drive the company forward, but people just arent lining up to participate. You may have joined forces with another functional vice president to get the company to make some tough cross-company changes required to manage customer relationships. In your passion, you may have found yourself the de facto leader for this gnarly compa nywide effort. This book takes and translates the issues youre experiencing but may not have had time to articulate. It offers tools to move the logjams youre experiencing and tactics for how to proceed with your particular brand of challenge.