April 8, 2005

News & Opinion: WSJ compares Winning to oatmeal

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 3:18 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Here is the two opening paragraphs to The Wall Street Journal's review [sub. needed] of Winning by the Welches:
Books of a certain genre, notably those written by celebrity coaches or businessmen, tend to serve gruel to readers who really want to know the author's secret sauce. "Winning" (HarperBusiness, 372 pages, $27.95) is no exception. "For goodness sake -- Have fun. Yes, have fun," advises Jack Welch, the retired chairman of General Electric and certainly the most successful CEO of his time. Further on he confides: "Managers at every level have to make hard choices and live by them." And: "Your job as a leader is to fight the gravitational pull of negativism."

There is plenty of such oatmeal in "Winning" (written with Suzy Welch, a former editor of the Harvard Business Review and now Mr. Welch's wife). Luckily there is nourishment, too. Mr. Welch offers knowing descriptions of dilemmas and problems that are all too common in American business life, and he proposes a few ideas for solving them, though with mixed results.


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