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Article: The Greats on Leadership: Classic Wisdom for Modern Managers

Jocelyn Davis uses great literature to impart invaluable lessons on leadership.

Article: Strategy+Business' Best Business Books of 2005

Strategy+Business publishes a great business book list every year. You can look back at the 2003 and 2004 lists to see what I am talking about. I am going to give you rundown on categories and the books in each.

Article: 800-CEO-READ 2007 Best Sellers

Below you'll find the list of our top 25 bestsellers for 2007. Congratulations and thanks to everyone on the list! The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything by Stephen M.

Article: The Thinkers50

Congratulations are in order for friend of the company Marshall Goldsmith, one of the really good guys in this business, on winning the 2011 Thinkers50 Leadership Award as the World’s Most-Influential Leadership Thinker. Now sponsored by the Harvard Business Review, The Thinkers50 is a decade-old, biannual global ranking of management thinkers that uses ten criteria to rank thinkers: originality of ideas; practicality of ideas; presentation style; written communication; loyalty of followers; business sense; international outlook; rigor of research; impact of ideas and the elusive guru factor. Goldsmith has all of those qualities in spades, ranked number seven on the overall Thinkers50 list and was certainly deserving of the award in Leadership he took home.

Article: The 2017 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards Longlist

Our 2017 business book awards longlist rewards 40 books with a focus on individual and organizational improvement.

Article: This week's books

I have been getting a lot of books lately. It is a sign that we are heading into the fall season. This is a prime time for the publishing industry with lots of new releases.

Article: Winter 2010: International Best Sellers

The time has come to talk of many things. . .

Article: July's International Best Sellers

The world is getting smaller and smaller and more businesses are going to other countries. Different ideas are being talked about via conference calls, cell phones, emails and yes, books. Here are what people across the time zones of the world were reading from 800-CEO-READ last month: Canada Strengths Finder 2.

Article: Channel Insider's 21 to Read

Channel Insider recently posted a slide show of 21 Must Read Books for Business Success. It was compiled by asking "successful solution providers what books have both inspired them and shaped their approach to making their businesses a success. " You can get detailed descriptions of the books by viewing the slide show, but the list itself, with links, below.

Article: Crowdsourced Entrepreneurial Reads

A few weeks ago, Fred Wilson from avc. com kicked up interest in books that entreprenuers should read. Fred, in particular, made the point that "there is way more insight to be gained from stories than from business books.

Article: Best of the Year for Jack

It is that time of year. What was really extraordinary this past year was. .

Article: 2006 Bestsellers (a little late)

Some folks started asking us for the 2006 bestsellers. Some how we forgot to do this right after the New Year, and I know many of you are dying to hear the results. One note on methodology: We award points to a book's position on our monthly list, as well as the number of months it appears on our lists.

Article: The 2016 Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry: Hollis Heimbouch

Each year, 800-CEO-READ recognizes one of the most significant contributors to the development and current state of the business book industry.

Article: April's Best Sellers NOW on Compact Disc

I know you've ALL been waiting to see which books from our TOP 25 books last month are now available on CD. . .

Article: Tom's Take on Peter Drucker

Peter Druckers work calls two masters to mind: Bob Marley and William Shakespeare. What About Bob, you ask. Well, Drucker brings Marley to mind (my mind at least) for his central, solar, role in his universe.

Article: February's International Best Sellers

In our effort to keep everyone all over the world a mouse click away from each other. . .

Article: Remember When....

So, it was snowing. Not just snowing, but really snowing. You know that snow when you were a kid where the piles were high and went almost to your hips and it was just GREAT?

Article: 2008's International Best Sellers!

I know, I know - it's kind of a bit late for New Year's Wishes, but I'm gonna do it anyway! I'm offering up our listing of what was HOT HOT HOT last year from our customers across the borders, times zones and bodies of water! Take time to see what was popular in Poland, on demand in Denmark, cool in Canada and intoxicating in India!

Article: Innovation in BusinessWeek SmallBiz

I don't know if your parents are like this, but my mom always sends a bag of stuff home with me whenever I visit. Most of the time, it is magazines she has finished reading (when I was in college, she would fill out all of those offers where you send in three proofs of purchase to get some free t-shirt and put my dorm address as the send-to). In this week's bag was the Spring 2006 edition of BusinessWeek SmallBiz.

Article: A glaring gap in the list

There's a post up on the WSJ's Independent Street Blog pointing out that the Journal's list of the top most influential business thinkers does not include a single woman. The author, Wendy Bounds, poses these questions: Why do you think there aren't more influential women business thinkers on today's list? How can this change?

Article: New Releases - 2/9/04

As with most of my lists, this one has some releases from last week, this week, and next week. It is also not a complete list. It is a list of titles that caught my attenttion.

Article: File This Under: Weird Coincidences

The information technology department at 800ceoread compiled sales reports today. Scott, our chief analyst, brought to my attention some weird coincidences in our year-end sales report. He noticed as you looked down a list of our best selling books that pairs of titles seemed to go together.

Article: Blogging on Business Books

There has been a lot of talk on the business book scene that I thought I should direct you to. Robert Scoble thinks most business books suck. Obviously, I am a little partial to the subject, but I think walking into a bookstore and deciding what you are going to read based on what is on the shelves is a bit like walking into a grocery store and deciding what to eat based on what is on their shelves.

Article: Best of Jack Covert Selects for 2005

It's the time of year for reflecting on 2005 while starting to create that list of new year's resolutions. This month for Jack Covert Selects, I looked over all of the reviews written during the year and chose my top six reviews. These are the best of the best books for 2005.