February 4, 2009

Staff Picks: American Lion

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:52 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

In recent days, months even, America has gotten the New Hope via a certain new political leader. But what has come to my attention - slowly at first - seems incredibly relevant and worth mentioning. About a month ago, right after the holiday season, I saw a documentary about Andrew Jackson. What he experienced in his life, how he handled situations, how he got to be president and how he was perceived among political peers was not just interesting, but spellbinding. I thought nothing of it - I thought it was just kind of cool. I did remember the book American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham that was published last November, though. I remember that it was this great new take on an American legend and a must read for not just people gaining insight on what it takes to be a leader but for anyone that likes an underdog story. It's captivating to say the least. Then today I re-read stories on the NPR web site and they mention this book there: "Jackson consolidated presidential power, enhancing the strength of his veto and using it early and often. And while he passionately opposed a federal bank in the belief that it was his duty to protect the masses from the rich and corrupt, he displayed precious little compassion for the masses who were black or American Indians. Jackson sent the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears."(by Neda Ulaby)

This book is about the man who changed the way a president was and probably prepared Americans to see what a leader can be. If you have some time - check it out!