June 20, 2006

Staff Picks: Dealing with Darwin reviewed by Heather Gazdik

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Review of Dealing with Darwin

By Geoffrey Moore, Portfolio, December 2005

Geoffrey Moore has written an excellent narrative about how companies can improve their innovation processes. In my opinion, it is one of the biggest challenges that businesses have faced, now face, and will face. Many don't get it right. He examines three factors in detail on how companies can make better innovation decisions:
1. Core competence: different organizations have different assets to exploit
2. Competitive analysis: different sets of competitors leave different openings to exploit
3. Category maturity: Different stages of the category-maturity life cycle reward different forms of innovation

I found the most important section of the book to be Part Three where he describes managing the inertia of innovation. I feel it is often at this point where innovation falls apart.
This is an important read for any person who is involved with taking a business idea to the next level and actually acheiving successful execution.
Reviewed by Heather Gazdik