June 18, 2008

Staff Picks: First Stop in the New World

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:03 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I've commented before on how small the world is getting and how business attitudes have and must change to comply this fact. Many places around the globe are either losing their stance with the global economy because they may have not recognized the need for change or they just lost the "IT" factor; while other countries are picking up the flack, so to speak. First Stop in the New World: Mexico City, the Capital of the 21st Century gives such a locale as an example that many people have either not thought about being in a power position or just written off because they don't know much about the city.
According to David Lida, Mexico City is such a place that may be a viable place for business of the future to take a stronghold in. He has worked in the city for many years and his book reads like a sharp-witted, David Sedaris type memoir, making it accessible to just about everyone. Lida projects Mexico City as a key player in the twenty-first century and gives graphic details of its culture, sex, politics, economics, corruption, and "the brutal interactions of everyday commerce".
Think of it: Paris in the nineteenth century. New York in the twentieth. Mexico City in the twenty-first?