July 2, 2000

Staff Picks: Jack Covert Selects - How to Become a Rainmaker

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:43 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

How to Become a Rainmaker by Jeffrey J. Fox, Hyperion, 169 pages, $16.95, Hardcover, July 2000 ISBN 9780786865956 I really appreciate a book with lessons one can apply quickly and easily-such as this one. Jeffrey J. Fox, author of 1998's How to Become CEO, has written another book much like his first one. The first book, which was also fun to read, began each chapter with a piece of accepted business advice-such nuggets as "Never go to office parties" "Don't drink with the gang," and my favorite "Always take the job that offers the most money", and then suggested whether we should or should not take this sage wisdom. I personally like this new book even better. While people have overused the word "rainmaker" today in too many contexts, Fox focuses on rainmakers as those who generate sales. The rainmaker is the person who does the deal. The rainmaker is the sales guy who gets the biggest paycheck and commands the most respect. To give you an example of what Fox has to say, I would like to paraphrase from chapter 44 of the book: "Why breakfast meetings bring rain." You do a breakfast meeting because: 1) Breakfasts are the least expensive meal-the selection is simple so a minimum of though is needed and no alcoholic beverages are a temptation; 2) Breakfast saves time-try to set up the meeting on the customer's way to work; 3) Breakfast meeting are canceled less because the problems of the day are out of the picture. Often rainmakers have two breakfast meeting per day. The book is loaded with 160 pages of this easily digestible, practical advice for the sales professional. It is also for the person who knows that life is nothing but selling-either yourself or a commodity.