July 11, 2006

Staff Picks: Leah Graves' Review of The Little Blue Book of Advertising

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Review of The Little Blue Book of Advertising

By Steve Lance and Jeff Woll

Last week I had to sit on a panel and was able to use tips I learned from The Little Blue Book of Advertising. The panel discussion led to the What do you want to be in 5 or 10 years down the line? I was able to answer that I wanted to be a Creative Director because deep down a person in that position has to be a damn good salesperson.
I found this book to not only be informative, but to be set up in such a way so you can retain the goods inside. Its a great reference and will live on my work bookshelf. I thought the humor and real-life experience sprinkled throughout made the book stand out.
For me having one foot in sales and one foot in with the creative people has really been the way to go. This book explains why the creative people dont often get along with the process/business people. Day to day I face many challenges and this book laid it out on the table why this is.
I really enjoyed how the end of the book focused on new up and coming technology. As a loyal blogger since 2002 I was glad to see that topic discussed. The tip of always answering your comments in a timely manner is key to blogging for sure.
The only bit of advertising that was missing was events. Trade shows, conferences, hospitality functions are always ways for a company to put their brand out in the marketplace. The tips about outdoor advertising come in handy for these eventsbecause usually theres large signage involved. Since each of these events takes a lot of planning, research, and teamwork with the creative people I felt it would have a place in this book. When youre at an event and getting your brand out there its an amazing way to put your best foot forward.
Having the book set up with 52 tips was greatreally its a tip per week. This book is sure to be read and re-read, and I already have folks lined up to borrow my copy. I have found that I dont want to lose my copy (a now valuable tool) so I will make them buy their own! Great job to both Steve Lance and Jeff Woll, I feel creative-types and non-creative types have something to learn from the both of them.
Reviewed by Leah Graves