October 4, 2011

Staff Picks: The Coming Jobs War

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 1:00 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Right now, some of us are sitting in positions we've held for years, and looking forward to staying that way. Others are scrambling to prove their worth in a highly competitive market. Yet others still may have given up, after years of trying to find work, with no hope in site.

The new Gallup book The Coming Jobs War, by Jim Clifton, says the situation is going to get more intense for each of those groups. And while an entrepreneurial spirit is certainly important for individuals during this time, the book's aim focuses on cities' business leaders and philanthropists as the solution to the crisis.

In this case, Clifton argues, a war, as severe as it sounds, is warranted. "He states, "I don't use the term 'war' lightly. This really has to be a war on job loss, on low workplace energy, on healthcare costs, on low graduation rates, on brain drain, and on community disengagement. Those things destroy cities, destroy job growth, and destroy city GDP. Every city requires its own master plan that is as serious as planning for war."

While his research seems dire, his urgency and passion are an inspiring look at what America can and should do to turn around the marketplace, the economy, and our own personal survival. A compelling and important read.