November 22, 2006

Staff Picks: The Other Side

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:30 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I have officially come over to the Other Side. Thats right, the newest member of the 800-CEO-READ team has just been beamed up and set down running. Im Rebecca, and I come to you from 8crs sister company (and office neighbor), Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops, Milwaukees oldest and largest independent bookseller.
The first week in 8cr has felt like a whirlwind, a flurry of ideas and book orders and industry communications swirling around me. I spent almost two years on the other side of the door, only 20 feet due east, and yet this concept of 8cr being in the business of moving ideas? smacks fresh each time I talk with my new colleagues.
A book to ease the transition? How about David Nasaws biography of Andrew Carnegie, reviewed in this weeks BusinessWeek and mentioned in Todds post on Big Business Biographies.
Last week I was promoting this to the neighborhood bookshop customers in the holiday gift guide, and this week Im selling it to business people around the world. Andrew Carnegie is a cross-genre event, much like the man himself. While Carnegies lifelong philanthropy is a major thread in the story, Nasaw also focuses on his early scoot up the corporate ladder and aggressive business practices. An advocate for disarmament, a champion of free and public libraries, a writer and a visionary, Carnegie towersin spite of his small buildas one of the most fascinating characters in U.S. history.
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a relaxing long weekend and find something good to read.