June 8, 2006

Staff Picks: The Radical Edge review by Jim Egly

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Review of The Radical Edge By Steve Farber, Kaplan, April 2006
Ah, the joy of summertime. A chance to slow down and take some time off. Maybe a quick trip to beach or a visit to family members. But, then comes the problem of reading material. Don't want to take up valuable suitcase space with something so large that you have no space for anything else. Something on the small and light side, with perhaps just enough new insight and interest to keep the pages turning. May I suggest that you pick up The Radical Edge by Steve Farber. At 161 pages in the small book format, it won't take you long to read or take up much room in your luggage. As in his first book we are lead through the story with management guru, Steve. He lives in his fabulous Mission Beach apartment in San Diego, California apartment battle weary and ready for his next assignment. Like a Hollywood movie, Steve paints a picture of his hectic life and it is here that you might forget that you are reading a business book and instead think you are reading the latest pulp paperback. Some authors are able to tell a story that provides an aha moment that catch you off guard. Mark Sanborn's book Fred Factor comes to mind as just such a device that works well. Dr. Spencer also did it in his book Who moved my Cheese?. In such a brief book Steve works in many voices and while amusing I found myself wishing that he would get to the point. Not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon or a plan ride. As a quick, pleasant read you won't be disappointed. If your looking for a more detail road map you may want to look else where. Steve makes the point to wake up and network with other people to change the world and yourself well and often. Radical Edge may be too touchy feeling for a lot of people. Radical Edge can be a way to stimulate conversation if handed out for a group read. ------ Reviewed by Jim Egly