July 12, 2006

Staff Picks: Tim Palmer's Review of Is That Your Hand in My Pocket

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Review of Is That Your Hand in My Pocket

By by Ron J. Lambert, Tom Parker

Is that your Hand in my Pocket is a pretty good book, although I don't feel entirely qualified to review it. The subtitle is "the sales professionals guide to negotiating." While there are sales involved in my job (and almost any job for that matter) this book is targeted directly at professional sales people which is both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. The book is really written for (and called out by the authors) for those who deal with "professional buyers," namely those who don't really care about your relationship with them and who spend all of their time finding ways to break through your negotiating tactics.
Did I find interesting tidbits that I can apply to the sales situations that I deal with? Absolutely. Did I find things that I can apply to everyday life? Yes. In reading this book - they talk about very specific tactical negotiating strategies - identifying which strategy your buyers are using and the proper strategy to counter that strategy. Given that I don't deal with professional buyers in my everyday life I don't feel qualified to rate how effective their strategies are. I also don't worry about keeping those types of skills "sharp," so I don't feel compelled to study and read this book more than once - although many of the techniques the discuss are interesting e.g., reading body language.
Their last chapter is different from the others- it includes tips on how to buy a car (best ways to get dealers to play off of one another). It shows that I am not the ideal target audience for this book that I found this chapter the most interesting (i.e., the one that most applied to my life). In short, if you are professional salesperson you will probably find this book worthwhile - if nothing else to see how other salesmen approached the same challenges you face. If not a full-time salesperson the book is interesting but by no means a must-read.
Reviewed by Tim Palmer