August 4, 2006

Staff Picks: Wayne Hurlbert's Review of Is That Your Hand in My Pocket?

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Is That Your Hand in My Pocket?

By Ron J. Lambert and Tom Parker

Published: Jul 18, 2006

ISBN: 0785218777

Format: Hardcover, 256pp

Publisher: Nelson Business

If relationship marketing and looking for the win-win solutions is your sales technique, then it needs some serious reconsideration. That is the message from authors Ron J. Lambert and Tom Parker in their powerful negotiation primer for sales representatives titled Is That Your Hand in My Pocket?The Sales Professional's Guide to Negotiating. As the title implies, the book is about negotiation and it delivers
on that promise.

Both authors Ron J. Lambert and Tom Parker have over twenty-five years ofin training sales people with the negotiation skills necessary to survive and prosper in the modern global economy. They say the days are long gone when a representative could spend years with a client, building and nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship over time. In their view, the modern purchaser doesn't want a relationship with any sales people. They add that the buying company doesn't want one either. The rules of the game have
changed, and the modern sales negotiator has to change along with it.

In a series of chapters crammed full of practical hands on advice for negotiating successfully, the authors move from basic negotiation styles to tactics for getting results from even the most difficult prospect. By presenting a breakdown of various negotiation techniques, the writers provide the best means of addressing each method. Whether the potential buyer is a hard nosed type who sees everything in terms of winning and losing, or if the prospect is a bend over backwards compromise specialist, the best way
to sell to each person is presented. The authors make it very clear that one technique does not fit all situations. Adapting to the circumstances is essential to successful negotiations in the view of the authors.

  • Set the agenda for the sales negotiation to maintain control.

  • Establishing the negotiator in a powerful bargaining position whether that is indeed the case or not.

  • Read the other side's non-verbal signals to pick up cues as to their thinking.

  • Finding creative solutions to very difficult or stalled negotiations.

As an added bonus, the authors provide a chapter that turns the negotiator from a seller to a prospective buyer. In an information laden section on buying a car, the authors teach would be automobile owners how to hold their own against some of the best negotiators in the business. Instead of car buying being a negotiations nightmare, the authors provide the tips to help the buyer drive away with a fair deal.

Overall, Is That Your Hand in My Pocket?The Sales Professional's Guide to Negotiating by Ron J. Lambert and Tom Parker is a book that everyone entering into negotiations should read. Whether a person is buying or selling, or negotiating a raise, or reaching a mutual agreement with family and friends, this book will get them to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

That's as win-win as you can get.

Review by Wayne Hurlbert