October 23, 2012

Interviews: A Conversation with Chris Berdik

By: Sally Haldorson @ 1:25 PM – Filed under: Personal Development & Human Behavior

Science journalist Chris Berdik generously lent us 30 minutes of his time for a conversation about his new book, Mind over Mind: The Surprising Power of Expectations. We reviewed his book recently, writing:

In Mind Over Mind, Berdik explains how crucial a role our expectations play—for good and for ill—in many areas of life: addiction, criminal activity, athletic feats, the value of money, witness identification, test scores, even the curing of phantom limbs. Simply by riding the coattails of our expectations, by being “a little less insistent on separating what we imagine and what’s real” our minds can take us places where our bodies or even our reality would hesitate to go, and each of us can use that knowledge to improve ourselves and our performance.

During this conversation, Chris answers these questions: ➻ Considering the double-sided nature of expectations (help? hindrance?), what prompted him to write a book on expectations? ➻ Why did he decide to open Mind Over Mind with a tale about an 18th century healer? ➻ What is his favorite story about how expectations can truly change reality? ➻ What do we learn about expectations from the diverse field of examples he presents in the book? ➻ What were his conclusions when he tried to answer the question, “Why are powerful people so prone to self-destruction?” ➻ How might Mind Over Mind help the general businessperson improve performance? Play the interview below [audio:|titles=An Interview With Chris Berdik] Thanks again to Chris for sharing his time and insights with us! You can read our full Jack Covert Selects review of Mind Over Mind here. Visit Chris' site here.