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Do Over
Jon Acuff has written a smart, funny, and engaging book about a possibly exciting, potentially terrifying topic: career change.

20 winners picked on 6/1/2015

Marshall Goldsmith teaches us how to instill awareness into our daily lives and use simple behavioral triggers to become the people we want to be.

20 winners picked on 5/26/2015

The Simplicity Cycle
Dan Ward's Simplicity Cycle will act as your road map to the design process, whatever it is you have to design.

20 winners picked on 5/18/2015

A Business Book Library Grab-Bag
We're cleaning house and culling books, and want to give you some our favorite doubles.

20 winners picked on 5/11/2015

The Navy Seal Art of War
Navy SEAL Rob Roy brings together The Art of War, and what he's learned from running his own leadership course, in The Navy Seal Art of War.

20 winners picked on 5/4/2015

Widgets, like The Management Myth and The Halo Effect, is a business book that takes on business book orthodoxy, and we love it.

20 winners picked on 4/27/2015

Becoming the Best
Harry Kraemer's second book is a guide to applying values-based leadership principles in your daily life and Becoming the Best at whatever you do.

20 winners picked on 4/20/2015

A Curious Mind
A Curious Mind teams one of Hollywood's most successful producers with one of our favorite business authors, and the result is glorious!

20 winners picked on 4/13/2015

The Other "F" Word
There are many books about the role of failure in our lives and careers, but not one that prescribes a nuts-and-bolts formula to use it—until now.

20 winners picked on 4/6/2015

THE MEMBERSHIP ECONOMY by Robbie Kellman Baxter
Robbie Kellman Baxter helps us understand the psychology and strengths of The Membership Economy, and teaches us how to thrive in it.

20 winners picked on 3/30/2015

BETTER AND FASTER by Jeremy Gutshce
Jeremy Gutsche's Better and Faster teaches us to leave the farmer mindset behind and enter the marketplace as a hunter.

20 winners picked on 3/23/2015

Stan Slap has a new mantra for your business, your employee culture, and even perhaps for your self: "You can't sell it outside if you can't sell it inside."

20 winners picked on 3/17/2015

Captivology by Ben Parr
Ben Parr's Captivology teaches us how to grab, and more importantly maintain, people's attention in an increasingly distracted world.

20 winners picked on 3/9/2015

A Beautiful Constraint by Adam Morgan & Mark Barden
A Beautiful Constraint shows you how to turn the parameters you work within into possibilities.

20 winners picked on 3/2/2015

Performing Under Pressure by Hendrie Weisinger & J.P. Pawliw-Fry
Performing Under Pressure will provide you with a "COTE of armor" to battle the daily pressure anxieties you face and make you more effective.

20 winners picked on 2/24/2015

8cr awards seal 2014 webii
The 2014 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards
If you win this week's giveaway you will receive not one, but two books. The only catch is that I can't tell you ´╗┐exactly ´╗┐what books you'll be receiving.

25 winners picked on 2/17/2015

Turn Your Ship Around! by L. David Marquet
A new workbook from L. David Marquet walks you through some tricky leadership questions to show you how to lead more intentionally.

25 winners picked on 2/4/2015

Work Simply by Carson Tate
Carson Tate's Work Simply will teach you how to be more productive at what you by being true to yourself.

25 winners picked on 1/27/2015

The Self-Made Billionaire Effect by John Sviokla & Mitch Cohen
John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen have a new secret for instilling innovation in existing companies—their employees.

20 winners picked on 1/19/2015

Finishbig web
Finish Big
Bo Burlingham, author of the classic Small Giants, will teach you how to Finish Big as an entrepreneur.

20 winners picked on 12/30/2014

The Art of Social Media
Need help with social media? Get a reference guide on the art of it all from Guy Kawasaki, the world's leading expert on business evangelism.

20 winners picked on 12/17/2014

Hooked is an important, powerful, and sometimes terrifying book that imbues its readers with a superpower.

20 winners picked on 12/4/2014

Succession by Noel Tichy
Noel Tichy's new book is likely to become the go-to book on leadership succession, because Tichy is the perfect person to write it.

20 winners picked on 11/19/2014

Everybody Paddles
We have been revising and revamping KnowledgeBlocks, but in the meantime we thought it would be nice to give away a some free books.

20 winners picked on 11/10/2014