Book Giveaway: The 2014 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards

Winners of this weeks giveaway will receive two books. The only catch is that I can't tell you exactly what books you'll be receiving. It will be two of eight books on the shortlist of the 2014 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards. You can leave your preferences in the answers to the questions at the end of this giveaway, and I will do my best to get you your choices.

Those eight category winners on 2014 were:

Michael S. Malone's Intel Trinity was our overall pick for the year, partly because if you look up and down our longlist of this year’s best books, you’ll see it’s littered with books at the intersection of business and new technology, computers, the internet, and whatever is coming next. It is just such an all-encompassing part of our lives now that we miss the forest of it for the trees of each aspect. Malone’s Intel Trinity does a lot to explain how it became this way, and how Intel became “the most important company in the world” in the process.

To read more about the The Intel Trinity, read our previous awards post. Let us know your favorite below, I'll tally up your answers for an impromptu readers pole, and update you next week with you choice.

We have 25 bundles available.

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