April 25, 2003

Jack Covert Selects: Jack Covert Selects - Why Pride Matters More Than Money

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Why Pride Matters More Than Money: The Power of the Worlds Greatest Motivational Force by Jon R. Katzenbach, Crown Business, April 2003, 203 pages, $18.95 Hardcover, ISBN 0609610651
We are so often taught that pride is a bad thing. It is, after all, one of the seven deadly sins. However, the pride that Jon Katzenbach is referring to is not the excessive, regressive kind, but the constructive kind. The kind of pride that if you dont have, can hurt you.
Katzenbach, an expert on effective team building, has written this new book which is totally dedicated to one very important aspect of a team. He argues that pride can be a better motivator than monetary rewards, on both an individual and organizational level. Plus, instilling pride in your workforce is cheaper and better all around.
Institution-building pride, as Katzenbach calls it, is the good kind of pride. When an individual has this, they care about their work, do an excellent job, and are proud of their accomplishments. This attitude exudes a positive energy that can spread to others in the organization and cause them to act with the same feelings of pride in what they do. On the other hand, self-serving pride is driven by more selfish goals such as power and/or moneynot the greater good of an individual or the organization. Self-serving pride doesnt exude positivity, but it engenders competitiveness and does not promote loyalty or commitment to the organization.
The way to avoid promoting self-serving pride in your organization, Katzenbach says, is to avoid using money as a motivator, as a reward for work. He lists a whole bunch of reasons why money-as-motivator can be risky and lead to limited employee performance, and is only effective in the short-term. For long term results that cultivate relationships, meaningful purpose, and high character, pride is the motivator employers should use.
In this compact, short book, Katzenbach gets to the meat of the issue right away and gives many ideas, strategies, and tips on how to instill pride in your employees. Its not difficult! Plus, no matter what size your organization is, you can use pride effectively and inexpensively. This book is for managers of all levels, of all organizations.