October 4, 2005

Jack Covert Selects: October Jack Covert Selects

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Yesterday we posted the latest Jack Covert Selects. This month, Jack reviewed these books:
The Big Moo by The Group of 33; compiled by Seth Godin Seth compiled the thoughts of 33 of the world's leading business minds including Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Carroll, Jackie Huba, Dan Pink, Alan Webber and other thought-provoking people. The catch: there are no bylines so the thoughts are stand-alone. The benefits: all profits are being donated to charity! READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE. The Art of Pricing by Rafi Mohammed Mohammed discusses and suggests different pricing methods that can be used to attract consumers to your products and services. This is a good starting point for learning about pricing. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE. Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard Chouinard is the founder and owner of Patagonia--a company renowned for its environmentally conscious business practices and its equipment and clothing geared towards adventure sport enthusiasts. Let My People Go Surfing tells the story of Patagonia and is speckled with tales of Chouinard's personal adventures. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE. Corporate Canaries by Gary Sutton In the old mining days, canaries were placed in mines to warn workers of dangerous gases. Illustrated by the stories of Sutton's Irish grandfather, Corporate Canaries will warn you of your company's possible pitfalls. READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE.
And those are the October Jack Covert Selects. Enjoy!